When the client's customer calls customer service, the client has to verify that the bill in question was sent to print vendor. This verification was costing the department about eighteen hours per week. Zytron created dashboard that allows the client to query our system by account number or bill number. The dashboard is accessible via a client-specific Zytron Internet Portal. The account number query shows the all transactions on file for a given account; the bill number query returns information regarding a specific bill. The client can view processing information regarding a bill (received, printed, mailed, etc.), or the actual bill in PDF format. In order to give the client more visibility, we integrated a return mail processing set of procedures. A 2D barcode was added to the bill. It was positioned to be visible through the envelope address window. This barcode contains the document type and bill number. Zytron picks up return mail once a week from the client and scans the barcodes. This information is added to our system and flags documents not delivered. Now when our client's customer calls about a bill, the customer service rep can make a query and see (a) if the bill was sent for print, (b) when it was mailed and (c) if it was unable to be delivered.