A customer of Zytron was tasked with installing a new AP check processing software. In addition, they wanted to outsource the printing and mailing of checks. Their legacy print process used check stock with preprinted MICR lines. They wanted to discontinue the use of preprinted check stock. They wanted a system that would offer tight controls over signatures while providing for multiple banks. They wanted a way to easily distribute checks to the departments that requested them. Zytron was able to address all of their requirements.

First, we eliminated preprinted check stock. Zytron gained approval of a redesigned check form. We were able to utilize the legacy line data format. We wrote a front end processor which rearranged and segmented the data. Multiple check templates were created to accommodate multiple bank logos, locations and signatures. Zytron's front end processor inserted calls to the proper template. We inserted color divider pages with the requesting department name. We used software which kept the signatures encoded until time to print. We included in the front end processor a listing of each department that might initiate a check. Each department had a number associated with it. A field in the client's check writing software was added to contain the department number. At runtime, Zytron creates registers from the check data. Zytron's processor creates multiple output files. Three for mailing: a singles machine insert, a multies hand insert, and Canadian.

Zytron has been processing their AP checks daily for over 20 years.