Our customer generates PDFs which are mailed to locations listed on the PDFs. In order to maximize postage utilization we wanted to have an address page. There should be one per address. We wanted the page to be a different color. In order to accomplish this we 'scraped' the address from the pdf and used it to build a new PDF. This new PDF was inserted into the print stream.

Customer Prints between 150,000 and 950,000 pages depending on type of run monthly or quarterly. This data belongs to up to 15,000 accounts. The data had to be sorted and stapled by account. As the data was being stapled addresses were checked for foreign destinations. These were separated due to special postal rates. The stapling process was error prone and as a result many disparate accounts were stapled together. This led to client 'a' receiving client 'b' statement. Lastly a list of 'pulls' gave the customer account numbers which were not to be mailed. Hunting these pull accounts was labor intensive and all work had to be held until all were found. Zytron was asked to assume responsibility for the distribution. Zytron created a front end processor to perform the following tasks: Insert a sequential number on the lower left of each account. This is used when stapling to insure no two accounts are stapled together. A printer command is inserted in the file which causes each account to offset. This further improves stapling process. File is sorted by the number of pages in each account. This improves stapling accuracy and application of postage. Load the list of pulls and compare it to accounts in data. When a pull is located it is written to a separate file and identified as pulls. The address is loaded for examination. The address is compared to a database containing names of foreign countries. If found it is written to a special file to receive proper postage. The client's software creates multiple files. We discovered that sometimes the files are mislabeled and a duplicate file is present. Since the file name was not trustworthy we opened each file and checked the first account. If a dupe is detected the program reports the file name and aborts. Customer invoices clients. The software they use has no provision to display a copy of what was sent to their client. As a result problem resolution is difficult. Zytron wrote a front end processor to create a PDF of each invoice. A repository was setup on our web site to hold them. A screen was created to facilitate retrieval, display and printing, if needed. A customer portal is created on Zytron's Web site for access to the screen.